About Us

UATeleMD offers an integrated solution to TeleMedicine allowing higher accessibility and quality of medical services.

UATeleMD provides a high level of patients' data security and protection in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

UATeleMD for Hospitals and Physician Practices

UATeleMD provides unique tools for hospitals and physician practices allowing to extend a geographic area of medical services, and increase their conversion.

UATeleMD for Patients

UATeleMD provides patients with user-friendly tools for a remote doctor's consultation. About 70% of doctor's appointments are repeat visits, 90% of repeat visits can be done remotely via TeleMedicine platforms.
When making an appointment with a medical office, it is a good idea to ask if a facility offers TeleMedicine services, and if they cover a specific health problem.

UATeleMD Functions

  • Remote TeleConsultations - video/audio
  • Files Management
  • TeleConsult Reports
  • Remote monitoring of patient's health condition in real time. Details here
  • Q & A with medical practitioners
  • Patient's Area
  • Doctor's Area
  • Admin Area
  • Notifications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Accept Payments Online (PayPal, LiqPay)
  • Integration with health signs monitoring devices: blood pressure monitors, glucometers, pulsoximeters, weight scales, ECG/EKG devices.
  • API
  • ECG/EKG reports reading by artificial intelligence system - under development

The first TeleConsultation via UATeleMD goes back to Feb, 2017.
At present UATeleMD provides TeleConsult services to hundreds of patients via 400 physicians at 10 hospitals and medical practices in Ukraine and USA .

Please contact us with any questions related to our TeleMedicine platform at tel. +38099 200-3839, or via email at support@valk.com.ua